About me

I am a zoologist, freelance writer and photographer who moved from Lund in Sweden to Kokkini, on the island of Corfu in Greece, in late September 2011. My husband and I had long been thinking of leaving Sweden for a warmer and sunnier climate and over the years we have been travelling to different Greek islands and to the Canaries to find a place that would suit us. Fate had it that the company my husband worked for closed down in 2011 and we finally got the opportunity to move. Our first choice was actually Cephalonia,  but after a visit to Corfu in 2010 we decided that this was the place for us. The island is beautiful and the wildlife rich and varied, an environment that will suit two nature loving zoologists perfectly.

I finished my PhD studies on ”Polygyny and Nest Founding in the Myrmicine ant Leptothorax acervorum” at the Department of Zoology at the University of Lund in 1996. After that I worked for the publishing company Skandinavisk Press for a couple of years and in 2003 I started my company BlueSage. The company consisted of two parts, a specialist plant nursery, www.bluesage.se, and a freelancing writing and photographing part. The nursery part closed down when I moved to Corfu but the writing and photographing part is still running and hopefully will be growing over time.

I have published articles and photographs in Swedish magazines such as ”Allt om Trädgård”, ”Hemträdgården” and ”Din Trädgård”.

My photographs can be purchased for publishing by contacting me at info@bluesage.se

Thanks for visiting, and hope to hear from you

Marie Stille


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