Bindweed family – Convolvulaceae

The bindweeds are twining or scrambling herbs with long stems and often large funnel- or bell-shaped flowers. 13 species native to Corfu.

CALYSTEGIA – Great bindweeds
The great bindweeds are perennial herbs that produce a white latex-like substance when the plants are broken or cut. The long stems are twining or scrambling through other vegetation or along the ground. The large flowers are funnel-shaped. The plant is commonly found climbing over stone walls or scrambling through the vegetation along roadsides. 3 species reported from Corfu.

Calystegia silvatica – Great bindweed
Great bindweed is a vigorous twining and climbing species with arrow-shaped leaves and very large white flowers sometimes striped with pink. The flower bracts are widely overlapping.

Calystegia soldanella – Sea bindweed
This is a low-growing prostrate species with fleshy,  kidney-shaped leaves and pink flowers, often with white stripes.

Bindweeds is a genus of either trailing, climbing or shrubby herbs with funnel-shaped, pleated flowers that opens in daylight. 8 species reported from Corfu.

Convolvulus altheoides – Mallow-leaved bindweed
A variable species with deep pink flowers: The lower leaves are either heart- or kidney- shaped and often have a wavy margin while the upper generally are deeply lobed. The mallow-leaved bindweed is found in rocky habitats, dry fields or banks and along roadsides.

Convolvulus arvensis – Bindweed
This is a creeping or climbing species with arrow-shaped or oblong leaves and white or pink-striped flowers. Bindweed is a common and widespread species found growing on waste ground and along roadsides.

Convolvulus elegantissimus (C. altaheoides ssp. tenuissimus) – Elegant bindweed
The elegant bindweed was formerly classified as a subspecies of mallow-leaved bindweed and differ from this by having silky haired leaves. All of the leaves are also more or less deeply divided into unequal, narrow lobes.





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