Bluebell family – Campanulaceae

The bluebell family consists of annual or perennial herbs, many with large bell- or saucer-shaped  flowers arranged in heads, racemes or panicles. 11 species from this family are found on Corfu.

This genus has either solitary flowers or flowers arranged in clusters on a long spike. The flowers are star-shaped with a deeply divided  corolla with very narrow lobes that are attached only at the bottom. 1 species reported from Corfu.

Asyneuma limonifolium
A perennial species with an erect often unbranched stem. The small lilac-blue flowers are arranged in clusters of 1 – 4 on a tall spike. This species is found on stony or rocky limestone ground in the mountains of Corfu.

CAMPANULA – Bellflowers
Well known genus that generally has large, beautiful bell- or saucer-shaped flowers. 6 species reported from Corfu.

Campanula ramosissima
An annual species with broadly bell-shaped flowers that have a calyx where the calyx-teeth are clearly visible between the lobes of the flower. This species is found growing in grassy, stony or rocky habitats.

Campanula spatulata ssp. sprunerana  (C. spatulata) –
A beautiful bluebell with long, slender, almost leafless stems and large, broadly, more or less funnel-shaped flowers.This plant is often found in open woodlands and on grassy banks in the lowlands.

Campanula versicolor –
This is a rather stout species with large, leathery leaves and violet flowers with a darker center. The flowers are borne in clusters and appear in late summer or autumn. This bellflower can be found in rocky places and is commonly growing on cliffs.

 LEGOUSIA – Venus’s looking glasses
This is a genus of annual herbs with flat, star like flowers arranged in panicles, racemes or spikes. 3 species found on Corfu.

Legousia speculum-verneris – Large Venus’s looking-glass
This species have rather large star shaped violet-blue flowers often borne in large panicles. The stems are often branched and the plant can be quite hairy. This species is found on cultivated land and along roadsides.

Legousia falcata (Specularia falcata) – Spicate Venus’s looking-glass
A annual species with blue or violet-blue, star-shaped flowers arranged in spike-like fashion. The calyx-teeth are longer than the petals and often curved to one side. This species can be found in the phrygana, in stony pastures and sometimes alongside roads and river streams.




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