I have been interested in photography for a long time and got my first camera, a Kodak Instamatic, in my early teens. My main subject back then was horses and I still have loads of pictures of my favourite ponies taken from all possible and impossible angles. I took some photo classes while still at school but did’nt manage to get a new camera until the early 1980’s when I bought a Ricoh XR-500.With this camera I learned the basics, got a few nice pictures in the process, and the camera stayed with me for quite some time. Since then there have been several different digital cameras and at the moment I am mainly using a Canon 550d and Canon 6D.

2003 I started my company BlueSage and this was also when I started to take photographs on a more or less daily basis. My main interest up to now have been plants and gardens and I have an extensive collection of pictures of garden plants but since moving to Corfu I have photographed a lot of the reptiles and amphibians present on the land. These pictures are available for sale for publication and can be previewed by request by contacting me at

After moving to Corfu in late September 2011 I have continued to photograph plants, but not exclusively so,  and on this page I will post a selection of pictures from the island.









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    • Kul att du tycker om mina bilder 🙂 Här finns fantastiskt mycket vackert att fotografera och nu efter att det har kommit ett par ordentliga regn har det börjat blomma igen och många djur har också kommit ut ur sin ”sommardvala”. Hoppas allt är bra med er.

      Marie & Bosse


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