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Iphichilides podalirius – Scarce Swallowtail

This is a large, spectacular butterfly with a wingspan of 70-85 mm and a very characteristic floating or soaring mode of flight. The ground colour of the wings in the first generation of butterflies are a very pale yellow, while almost white in the second generation. There are six, parallel, black bands, tapering downwards, on both the upper and under front wings and the upper hindwings have two parallel black band and a blue, crescent shaped border in the lower marginal area. The hindwings terminate in long, tapering tails. Upper and under hindwings are similar but there is an orange spot with a blue centre on the upper side of each wing. Males and females are very similar, but the female is generally larger.
This is a common butterfly on Corfu that generally appears in April and fly, in at least two generations until October.
The Scares swallowtail mainly occurs in cultivated areas and in gardens. The eggs are laid on the leaves of trees from the genus Prunus, Blackthorn, Prunus spinosa, being the most common, but also on peach, apple and pear.



Papilio machaon – Swallowtail


Papilio alexanor – Southern Swallowtail


Zerynthia polyxena – Southern Feston


Anthocharis cardamines – Orange Tip


Anthocharis damone – Eastern Orange Tip


Colias crosea – Clouded Yellow


Euchloe ausonia – Eastern Dappled White


Gonepteryx rhamni – Brimstone


Gonepteryx cleopatra – Cleopatra


Leptidea sinapsi – Wood White

Pontia edusa – Bath White

Pieris (Artogeia) napi – Green-Veined White


Aricia agestis – Brown Argus


Cacyreus marshalli – Geranium Bronze (South African species)


Callophrys rubi – Green Hairstreak

Celastrina argiolus – Holly Blue


Cynandris (Polyommatus) semiargus – Mazarine Blue


Glaucopsyche alexis – Green-underside blue


Lampides boeticus – Long-Tailed Blue


Leptotes pirithous – Lang’s Short-Tailed Blue


Lycaena ottomana – Grecian Cooper


Lycaena phlaeas – Small Copper


Plebejus argus – Silver-Studded Blue


Polymmatus icarus – Common Blue


Pseudophilotes vicrama – Eastern Baton Blue


Satyrium ilicis – Ilex Hairstreak


Argynnis paphia – Silver-washed fritillary


Charaxes jasius – Two-Tailed Pasha


Danaus chrysippus – Plain Tiger


Inachis io – Peacock Butterfly


Issoria lathonia – Queen of Spain Fritillary


Limenitis reducta – Southern white admiral


Melitaea cnixia – Glanville Fritillary


Melitaea didyma – Spotted Fritilary


Polygonum egea – Southern Comma


Vanessa atalanta – Red Admiral


Vanessa cardui – Painted Lady


SATYRIDAE (Now concidered to be a subfamily, Satyrinae, in Nymphalidae)
Coenonympha pamphilus – Small Heath


Hipparchia syriaca – Eastern Rock Grayling


Kanetisa (Brintesia) circe – Great Banded Grayling


Kirinia – roxelana – Lattice Brown


Lasiommata maera – Large Wall Brown


Lasiomata megera – Wall Brown


Manitola jurtina – Meadow Brown


Neohippachia statilinus (syn. Hipparchia statilinus) – Tree Grayling


Melanagria larissa – Balkan Marbled White


Pararge aegeria – Speckled wood


Carcharodus orientalis – Oriental Marbled Skipper


Carcharodus alceae – Mallow Skipper


Pyrgus malvae – Grizzled Skipper


Thymelicus sylvestris – Small Skipper



Pyrausta purpuralis

Spoladea recurvalis



Articia villica – Scarlet Tiger Moth


Dysauxes famula


Chiasmia clathrata – Lattice Heath


Acronicta psi – Grey Dagger


Acherontia atropos – Death´s-Head Hawk Moth


 Daphnis nerii – Oleander Hawk Moth


Macroglossum stellatarum – Hummingbird Hawk Moth


Adscita statices – Green Forester


Zygaena carniolica – Eastern burnet


Zygaena ephialthes


Zygaena filipendulae – Six-Spot Burnet



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