Cold, wet and windy

The Corfu spring has been slow in progress this year, but all the rain has been benificial to frogs and newts as well as to the flowers and we are constantly adding new observations for both fauna and flora. Still, sun and warmth will hopefully be here soon.

Much of the winter has been spent working with the house, but we have also managed to do some writing, photographing, wildlife spotting and garden planning and digging. The list of bulbous plants found has been added to, and as the orchid season is progressing we are hoping for many nice sightings and photo opps. We are fortunate to have at least nine species of orchids growing in our garden, which gives me  great opportunities to take a lot of photos when the light is right. There are also several species of orchids both in flower and in leaves on our regular dog walks so we are looking forward to many new encounters. The frogs have been active since February, some since Christmas, and the choirs of the green tree frogs can, on warm nights, be heard far and wide. The cold weather has unfortunately kept the snakes away  but many of the lizards have long been out and about, and yesterday Indy, or Siberian Husky, found  the first tortoises of the year.


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