Corfu wild flowers

The Corfu flora is rich and beautiful and flowering plants can be found nearly all year round. March and April are the most species rich months here but May and June also boast a lot of flowers. In July and August most plants have gone to seed and dried down but when the rain starts again in September a new flowering period begins.

On this page I will present some of the plants found around the island, with a special focus on those found in the central area where we live. My ambition is not to present a complete list of plants found here but to give a short overview of what can be found and enjoyed trough out the year. I will only give very short description of each plants since it will be far too time consuming to do otherwise. There are several thousand plants growing here and it  is  not possible to present more than small fraction on these pages.

The development of new techniques in the field of biology during recent years has lead to a change in the naming of many plants. For example, some species that earlier were considered subspecies have been given species status, and some have been moved and included in other genera,  This can create confusion, especially when comparing older and newer literature and floras. I have for the sake of simplicity decided to follow the naming that can be found in the newer floras and will give the synonym of the plant name in brackets.


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