Daisy family – Asteraceae

The plants belonging to the daisy family are either shrubs or herbs with flower-heads that have closely overlapping flower-bracts at the base. The flowers, called florets, are small an arranged in heads or capitula. Each floret can either all be the same or of two different kind. The inner are called disc-flowers and the outer ray-flowers. Approximately 100 species belonging to the daisy family can be found on Corfu.-

ACHILLEA Achillea maritima (Onthanthus maritimus) - Cottonweed ANTHEMIS Anthemis chia Anthemis tomentosa - wolly chamomile ARTEMISIA Artemisia arborescens - Tree wormwood BELLIS Bellis sylvestris - Autumn daisy CALENDULA Calendula arvensis - Field marigold CARDUNCELLUS Carduncellus caeruleus - Blue hawkshead CARDUUS Carduus pycnocephalus - Slender thistle CARTHAMUS Carthamus lanatus CICHORIUM Cichorium intybus - Chicory CREPSIS Crepsis rubra - Pink hawks head CRUPINA Crupina crupinastrum ECHINOPS Echinops sphaerocephalus ssp. albidus - Globe thistle GALACITES Galacites tomentosa - Mediterranian thistel GLEBIONIS (CHRYSANTHEMUM) Glebionis coronaria var. coronaria - Crown daisy Glebionis coronaria var. discolor - Crown daisy Glebionis segetum - Corn marigold LACTUCA Lactuca viminea - Pliant lettuce MATRICARIA Matricaria chamomilla - Scented mayweed PALLENIS Pallenis spinosa - Spiny golden-star PHAGNALON Phagnalon rupestre - Shrubby cudweed PTILOSTEMON Ptilostemon chamaepeuce - Shrubby knapsweed PULICARIA Pulicaria dysenterica SENECIO Senecio vernalis - Eastern groundsel Senecio vulgaris - Groudsel SCOLYMUS Scolymus hispanicus - Spanish oysterplant SILYBUM Silybum marianum - Milk thistle SONCHUS Sonchus asper - Prickly sowthistle TRAGOPOGON Tragopogon hybridum Tragopogon sinuatus (T. porrifolius ssp. australis) - Wild salsify TRIPOLIUM Tripolium vulgare TUSSILAGO Tussilago farfara - Coltsfoot TYRMINUS Tyrminus leucographus            


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