Lindenia tertraphylla – Bladetail

This large and beautiful dragonfly species belonging to the family Gomphidae was first recorded from Corfu this summer. The individuals are approximately 7 – 8 cm long and can vary considerably in colouration from beige with black markings to completely black. The specimens found on Corfu were all black and very spectacular. This is a heat-loving species with a main distribution along the so-called Paneremian desert belt that reaches from  Kazakhstan  and Kyrgyzstan in the east across Central and Western Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, the Caucasus region, the Levant and Turkey to the western Mediterranean. The species is found in a few places in mainland Greece but its distribution in the Mediterranean region is patchy. Bladetails are strong flyers that can migrate over long distances and it is referred to as a migratory species. Our find has been published in Notulae odonatologicae 8(4) 2014:86-90 and the paper can be downloaded as a PDF-file here.


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