New publications

In May 2013 Bosse and I visited the Island of Paxos together with Matt Wilson to investigate the herpetofauna of the Island and our findings have been published in the journal Herpetozoa. The paper “Wilson. M, Stille, B. & Stille, M (2014): A short note on the herpetofauna of Paxos, including two species new to the island”. Herpetozoa 27(1/2) Wien, 30. Juli 2014,  can be downloaded here.

We have also made and printed a poster “The Snakes of Corfu” with pictures and short information of the 13 species of snake and two species of legless lizard found on the island of Corfu. The poster, that has been produced to distribute for free to schools and other institutions or parties interested in spreading information on the snakes that reside on the island of Corfu. Anybody interested in supporting this project by buying a poster for €3 please contact us at  for information.



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