Old Sinies – Palaeo Chorio

Finally made it to Old Sinies, Corfus’ abandoned village. Husband was here with a friend a couple of weeks ago and although I would have preferred to visit in early spring when the bulbs are in flower and the air is clear I thought I better go and have a look and take some photographs. The road here is one of the strangest I ever encountered. It starts out small, narrow and steep when meandering up among the villas and through the village of Vigglatouri. This part of the road is narrow but paved then the paving suddenly stops and then the next part of the road becomes a very rocky and bumpy dirt track. Bumping along deeper into the beautiful valley the road suddenly widens and becomes paved again. The sides along this part, that by the way looks rather new, are lined with very sturdy railings and it almost looks like a small version of the Autobahn has been dropped down into the mountains from above. However, the  winter rains have had bad impact even on this part and a 10 meter section has dropped about a meter. The new road does not continue all the way to the old village and the last part is a very bumpy dirt track again.
The village, embedded in greenery, is situated in the most beautiful surroundings and the view up over the mountain and out over the bay is quite magnificent. There are three churches in the village, stone wells, a threshing floor and cobbled paths between some of the houses. However, many of the house ruins are inaccessible due to overgrowth of bramble and other plants.
The surrounding meadows are still full of summer flowers and Bosse found an exciting and very big spider hiding under a rock. We also encountered our second Corfiot fox, unfortunately dead, but hopefully visits later in the year will give us opportunity to met our first live fox on Corfu.


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