Christmas and New Year

The coldest months in Corfu are just around the corner but there are still animals and flowers to be found. We have had visits of green toad, Bufo viridis, agile frog, Rana dalmatina, and marsh frog, Pelophylax ridibundus, to our doorstep and window sills. Anemone hortensis is beginning to flower in the garden and the winter iris, Iris unguicularis ssp unguicularis, is starting to appear in the olive groves and along the roads so the photo opportunities are plentiful.

Entering into winter

Soon autumn is over and we will enter into our second winter here in Corfu. It has been a really good autumn for us so far, a lot more rain than last year, but our repaired roof has kept it out so we have been able to keep dry and cosy. The rain has made the garden green and pleasant with a lot of flowering Colchicum and Crocus, creating colourful patches amongst the greenery. In early November I found a pair of Autumn Lady´s Tresses, Spiranthes spiralis, in the garden and marked the spot so they will not be uprooted by mistake. Hopefully they will set seed and multiply.

"Spiranthes spiralis"


Nearly a year has passed since I closed down my plant nursery in Sweden and  moved with my husband, our dogs and a car full of rare plants to the island of Corfu in Greece. We arrived last September and a lot has happened since then, both good and bad. My plan is to share some of our experiences of our life on the island and to tell you about the process of creating a new garden in our very own olive grove.  As a biologist and a keen photographer I will also be publishing notes and pictures of the flora and fauna we encounter here.

Det har nu gått nästan ett år sedan jag slog igen portarna till min plantskola i Sverige och flyttade med man, hundar och en bil full av ovanliga växter till Korfu i Grekland. Vi kom hit i september och mycket, både bra och dåligt, har hänt sedan dess. Mina planer är att via den här bloggen dela med mig av våra upplevelser av livet här och berätta om arbetet med att anlägga en ny trädgår i vår alldeles egna olivlund. Som biolog och flitig fotograf kommer jag också att publicera inlägg och bilder av floran och faunan som vi träffar på här.