Mount Pantokrator, part of the Salvador or Pantokrator mountain range, is Corfu’s highest peak, reaching 906 meters. The sumit of the limestone mountain is bare rock and has no real forest but is covered with low vegetation and evergreen shrubs.There is no true alpine or mountainous flora growing here as the mountain is not high enough, but many interesting and beautiful plants can still  be found,  especially during spring and autumn. Fritillaria greaca, Anemone blanda and Stenbergia lutea are a few of the bulbous species that are growing around the mountain. Orchids such as the four-spot orchid (Orchis quadripunctata), milky orchid, (Neotenea lactea) and the somber orchid (Ophrys fusca) can grow quite plentiful in some areas. The invertebrate fauna is rich and many butterflies and dragonflies can be found here as can mammals such as foxes (Vulpes vulpes) and stone martens (Martens foina). Several of Corfu’s reptiles and amphibians and many birds also inhabit the mountain area around the summit.
We have visited Pantokrator many times, both before we moved here and during the two years that we have been living here. It is interesting to visit the mountains during different seasons and experience the changes in the surroundings and especially in the light. During the winter the air is crisp and clear and the view magnificent with the snow covered mountains of Albania and mainland Greece clearly visible. During summer the same mountains are covered in a soft hazy mist giving the them a totally different look and the viewer quite another experience. Some day when I am feeling brave I will visit the mountain during one of our magnificent storms and watch the raging sea from above.


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