Pink family – Caryophylaceae

A family containing annual, biennial and perennial herbs with regular shaped flowers that have 4 - 5 sepals and the same number of petals. The leaves are generally opposite and each pair positioned at right angle to those above. This is a large family with 56 species reported from Corfu.

CERASTIUM Cerastium glomeratum - Clustered mouse-ear

DIANTHUS Dianthus viscidus

PETROHAGIA Petrohagia velutina  (P. dubia) -

SAPONARIA Saponaria calabrica -

SILENE Silene bellidifolia - Daisy-leaved catchfly

Silene clorata - Mediterranean catchfly

Silene conica - Sand catchfly

Silene gallica - Small flowered catchfly

Silene italica - Italian catchfly

Silene ungeri -


Stellaria cupaniana - Southen Chickweed


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