Summer and hay-fever

Summer and hay-fever are here and husband suffers badly as the grass grows taller and taller. The recent rain showers gave him some relief and a visit to the farmakeio this morning, in an attempt to find more effective pills and sprays, hopefully will be successful. The snakes are now out and about and we have seen several road-kills but also many live ones, the most spectacular being a very large Platyceps najadum dahli – Dahl’s whip-snake (Σαΐτα). The orchids around our place flowered early and in great abundance this year but the hot weather made several of the helleborines, Epipactis helleborine, that grows close by us drop their flower-buds. Hopefully the recent rain will have saved some of them so that I can be able to get some decent photos.  Our vegetable garden is slowly taking shape and most ot the stones have been removed and salad, beans, peppers and squash are thriving, at least so far. I will plant some seed grown tomatoes and melons that I have been cultivating on the balcony this evening.


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