Tomato harvest

We have slowly started working on our garden here on Corfu but most of the work so far has consisted of clearing away brambles and thickets and trimming back trees and bushes. We are quite fortunate to have several species of orchids growing on our land as well as some stately cypresses, a few big and beautiful eucalyptus trees and olives of course, but it is not much of a landscaped garden yet and the soil is too poor in many places for traditional garden plants and vegetables to be thriving. Even so I have managed to clear a plot to make a vegetable garden and begun work on a little orchard of fruit trees.  The soil in this part of garden have been partly improved and cleaned from at least a million stones but it needs a lot more work to yield a good crop of fruits and vegetables. My orange oxheart tomatoes did not grow as big as they ought to but they are very nicely shaped, and tasty too. A small crop of beautiful yin & yang beans, some small Minnesota midget melons, nice patty pan squash, a variety of peppers and thousands of pretty golden currant tomatoes with a peculiar but pleasant sweet and sour taste is what I managed to produce so far in my first Corfu garden. A garden which differs in so many ways from my old Swedish garden.


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