Autumn, late winter and early spring are the times when to look for Corfu’s bulbous and tuberous plants, or so called geophytes. The Mediterranean flora is rich in geophytic plants that can store water in some kind of underground parts. This is an adaption to a climate with mild, rainy winters and hot dry summers. The plants will flower when it is mild and wet and go dormant in the summer, using the stored water to stay alive. Several of Corfu’s geophytes seem to have been favoured by traditional farming methods and grazing and in some areas large populations of for example Belevalia romana, Ornitogalum umbelatum and Romulea bulbocodium can be found.

"Bellevalia romana""Romulea bulbocodium" "Ornithogalum umbelatum"

List of geophytes (excluding the orchids) found during  2011 – 2012


Anemone hortensis  – (Ranunculaceae)

Charybdis numidica (formerly Urginea maritima) – Sea squill (Asparagaceae)

Colchicum cupanii  – (Asparagaceae)

Colchicum confusum – (Asparagaceae)

Crocus boyri  – (Iridaceae)

Cyclamen hederifolium – Ivy-leaved sowbread (Primulaceae)

Galanthus reginae-olgae – Autumn snowdrop (Amaryllidacea)

Prospero autumnale –  (formerly Scilla autumnale) Autumn squill (Asparagaceae)

Sternbergia lutea – Common stenbergia (Amaryllidaceae)



Anemone blanda  – (Ranunculaceae)


Arisarum vulgare – Friar’s cowl (Araceae)


Biarum tenuifolium –  Biarum (Araceae)


Iris unguicularis ssp unguicularis – Winter iris (Iridaceae)



Allium neapolitanum – Napels garlic (Asparagaceae)


Allium roseum – Rosy garlic  (Asparagaceae)


Allium subhirsutum – Hairy garlic (Asparagaceae)


Arum italicum ssp italicum – Large cuckoos pint (Araceae)


Aspodelus  aestivus – Aspodel  (Asparagaceae)


Bellevalia dubia –  (Asparagaceae)


Bellevalia trifoliata –  Three leaved hyacinth, Three leaved bellevalia (Asparagaceae)


Bellevalia romana –  (Asparagaceae)


Hermodactylus tuberosum – Snake’s head iris, Widow iris (Iridaceae)


Iris germanica  – (Iridaceae) Introduced


Iris albicans – White iris (Iridaceae) Introduced


Moraea sisyrincium – (formerly Gynandriris sisyrincium) Barbary nut (Iridaceae)


Muscari commutatum – (Asparagaceae)


Muscari comosum – Tassel hyacinth (Asparagaceae)


Muscari neglectum –  Common grape hyacinth (Asparagaceae)


Narcissus tazetta – Tazzeta (Amaryllidaceae)


Ornithogalum narbonense – Southern Star of Betlehem  (Asparagaceae)


Ornithogalum umbellatum – Star of Bethlehem (Asparagaceae)


Romulea bulbocodium – (Iridaceae)




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